What is the first step in writing a book?

This is a question that I get asked all the time.  My book was written from a place of feeling like something was holding me back.  I felt bound by my past, I carried a lot of weight on my shoulders and it was spilling into every area of my life.  The idea came to me 10 years before I was finally able to finish.  There was some self-reflecting, soul searching and I decided to get permission from the ones that I felt would be deeply offended if they didn’t approve it first. My story is personal, a testimony that I thought I would never share…until I picked up the pen to write.  Everything that I experienced started rushing back to me.  The hardest part was getting over my fears and simply picking up the pen to write.  Although I put it away and picked it back up over the years, fear was the only thing keeping me from finishing.  So even after ten years, I had a starting point, I picked up the pen to write.  And the reward was A-mazing: forgiveness, love for myself, explanations for certain behaviors in my marriage and living in purpose!

Just..pick up the pen and write!  I did…

-Tyreen King-Maddox